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Talent Show-2017 

Over $7500 Donated for Teacher Grants towards Classroom/Curriculum Materials

$14,000 Spent on many Educational Assemblies 

$1,400 Donated for Teacher Stipends

$3500 Donated towards Field Trips

$1800 Donated to Grounds Beautification where all students spend time helping beautify our grounds and take pride in our school

March is Reading Month visit by author Leslie Helakoski

Gator Gazette weekly updates 

Art Appreciation Program

After School Art/Young Artists Program

After School Science Programs

After School Book Clubs

Reflections Contest—highlighting Visual Art, Literature, Photography, Music Composition, Film/Video Production & Dance Choreography

Talent Show

Art Night 

Family Math/Science Night

Family Movie Nights

Gator Gala — Fall Carnival

Roller Skating Nights

Full Color Yearbook

PTA Online Student Directory 

.Thornton Creek Spirit Wear Sale

Teacher Appreciation Week

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where all students spend time helping beautify our grounds and take pride in our school